Upcoming shows & Events!


To ensure the safety of your guests and our performers, the following provisions have temporarily been put into place:

*Event attendance may not exceed an overflow of guests in attendance, including the entertainer(s)  and all attendees must follow state/county guidelines .

*Ideally events should be in large open spaces or outdoors to easily facilitate social distancing, unless everyone at the event has tested negative via rapid test directly prior to the event.

* If, at any time, the entertainer feels unsafe due to a violation of our COVID-19 policy as outlined here the entertainer is permitted to leave the event without your opportunity for a refund.

* It is suggested the client provides a temperature check of each guest upon arrival.

* No persons exposed to COVID-19 and/or showing symptoms may be present at the event. 

* Or entertainers will conduct a wellness check and temperature check before leaving for your event. We will have a backup entertainer scheduled in case they are symptomatic.

* The entertainer(s) will wear a face mask upon customer request only. * Entertainers will wash their hands upon arrival, at their discretion, and at your request.

* At birthday parties, the entertainers may not assist in blowing out candles.

* The entertainer will have minimal physical interaction with clients and guests ex. hugs.


If you have any requests or would like to discuss revisions to any of the above policies for your event, please don’t hesitate to call or email. We understand the comfort level for one client may differ from another and we want to be sensitive to your needs.




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